Sunday, May 23, 2010

mother's day weekend

i am lucky enough to move to a different state every couple of years. which also means i'm lucky enough to meet great friends in all the different states!
this year i got to celebrate mother's day weekend by going to virginia for a girls' get-a-way at betsy's cabin. i also got to spend one night each at kari's house (she's the best hostess ever!!! even though she denies it) and ellie's house (also the best hostess, plus she taught me how to make duct tape flower hair accessories, which scored me lots of points when i came home and taught liesel and gwyneth how to make them). hooray for good friends and good times.

this is where i spent most of my time. i think my true inner-most self would sit in a chair and talk with friends and eat all day every day if she could.
this is just a sampling of the great food we had. none of it was prepared by me (i was truly lazy the entire trip, i tell you), which made it taste even better!
this is the gang. some of my best friends ever. i will love them forever. sappy, but true!
this picture is taken right before (i think?) a hilarious game of "celebrity", in which i confirmed that i chose wisely to become a stay-at-home mom and not an actress. you girls can thank me later for not including any of the pictures taken during that game in this post.
none of these feet are actually mine, but i really like feet pictures for some reason.
some people (juliette) talked some of us in to doing some yoga. what could be more perfect than doing yoga on the deck of a mountain cabin? i guess nothing.
what a great weekend! i came home ready to be a mom and a wife again. i am lucky to have such great and inspiring friends. i know, two sappy moments in one post. yikes.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

family scripture study and some tangents

last night we were reading about the olive branches being grafted. this somehow segwayed into a discussion of arms being grafted back onto bodies if they'd been cut off. which prompted me to remember that my mom had once gotten a skin graft when the tip of her finger had been snipped off by a door. which prompted liesel to suddenly remember that she'd gotten a skin graft on her finger once (a fact i had totally forgotten). i have no idea how liesel remembered this or even knew this in the first place, since i don't ever remember discussing it with her. me saying so prompted a whole other discussion on things we could or could not remember. we finally finished reading the chapter. during all of this, pace was jumping around on the couch with some shorts on his head. which prompted loren to say, when he was helping pace say the family prayer, that we were "thankful for the clothes on our backs and on our heads". which sent all the girls (including me) into fits of (reverent) giggles. please tell me the kids are getting something out of family scripture study.

p.s. i have no idea how to spell "segway" and spell check was no help whatsoever. anybody know how to spell it?

tea party--boy style

the other day i came in to the kitchen and found pace all set up in his booster with a little cup and spoon in front of him. he told me he was having a party with indiana jones. that's when i noticed the other cup set up across the table from him. that's where indiana jones was sitting.

pace asked me if i would buckle indiana in to his booster. i obliged. i asked pace if he was having a tea party. he said "no, a shake party." i guess the water in the cups was really shakes. i asked pace if i could take a picture of his party. he said "yes" and made sure i got a picture of indiana jones.

Monday, May 10, 2010

real life

i'm easing back in to my real life (after spending THE BEST WEEKEND EVER in virginia with friends--pictures and details to come later, since the picture of the snakeskin above is the only one i took before my camera batteries died) by spending the morning blogging. i say the day after mother's day is still sort of like mother's day, and should be spent doing what i want to do. i don't want to shock my system by working too hard after such a leisurely weekend.

now that the pool water temperature is approaching that of bath water, i will finally get in. pace and i have been having a great time doing "swim lessons" every day.
loren plays games with the kids on sundays. and this was not even a quality i knew he had when i married him! it's so fun to discover surprise good qualities in your husband. (he has a lot of other non-surprise good qualities, too).
we went camping a week ago. the only pictures i got were of the kids eating s'mores. at least i captured the most important moments, right?
this is as far as we've gotten with potty training. hmmm.

gwyneth broke her arm a couple of weeks ago and has been waiting patiently for me to blog about it, so here it is. she broke it doing the high jump on field day at school. very exciting for all of us. her cast is waterproof (worth the extra money) so she's still been doing swim team and everything else. she gets it off this wednesday. woohoo!
i walked in from my trip yesterday to a whole table covered in flowers. this is just a small sampling. happy mother's day!

i knew pace was being suspiciously quiet while i was blogging just now. i went to check on him and found him playing with cars in the wheat bucket. i left him playing happily and came back to finish blogging. sometimes the rules are allowed to be broken. i'm pretty sure cleaning up some spilled wheat will be worth the alone time on the computer!