Wednesday, March 17, 2010

because i just sat down for a minute to check my email

i'm going to blog. but i really don't have anything to say, now that i'm here. except that pace has turned in to a beast. all of my children do that when they are almost three. 2-year-olds are easy for me. 3-year-olds are another story. he is still cute. but the cuteness is mixed in with a lot of stinkyness. he is also learning how to be sneaky, which is actually one of the cuter parts of his stinkyness, because he always confesses. here are two of the conversations we had this week:

pace: "mom, i was in the office."
me: "okay"
pace: "with the door shut"
me: "hmmm" (this is suspicious)
pace: "i was drinking a juice box" (not allowed at 8:30 in the morning). "i was hiding."

pace: "mom, you go ahead and go upstairs. go to bed."
me: "what are you going to do?"
pace: "i just stay down here and eat lots of raisins. i be okay."

he does not like it at all if he thinks i'm mad at him. he'll say "no, mom. i not mad at you. i loves you." and then, of course, i can't be mad at him anymore. i'd say it's a pretty good thing he came with some built-in cuteness defense systems. he'd be in serious trouble otherwise. as it is, i finally set up a play pen in the living room, where he can spend his frequent stay-here-till-you-can-be-happy moments. i was tired of carrying him up to his bed.

let's see. is there anything else i've been doing besides putting pace in time-out?

oh, yes. liesel and gwyneth and i went to see "wicked" in miami for their birthday. we got all dressed up and had such a fun night. loren spoiled us all. first, by getting us the tickets, and then by letting us buy new clothes so we could be extra fancy.

uh oh. pace just discovered i'm on the computer. time to get off.
happy st. patrick's day! are you having fun wearing green?