Friday, November 14, 2008

madeline--winner of the most dramatically changed hair

can you believe this is madeline's hair? i know i have been posting way too many pictures of hair  these days, but it was seriously wild to see madeline's hair turn out so curly. as an experiment i put about 10 little twist buns in her hair at night and had her sleep with them in, and this is what was produced in the morning when i took the buns out. pretty fun, eh?

i miss him!!!!

has loren really only been gone since tuesday?  how did i ever make it a whole year without him?  it is so not fun.  thank goodness i'll see him again on sunday!  seriously, though, how did i survive?  i must have been blessed even more than i realized last year, because now that i remember how hard it is for him to be gone for just a few days, i can't picture being apart for a longer amount of time.
are you tired of me being lonely yet?  i think it's worse because it's friday night.  fridays are always the worst for being alone.  good thing i have a blog to keep me company!  okay i'm done now.  (side note:  loren's in florida on a house-hunting trip--wish him luck!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

fancy hair

Click to play fancy hair

yes, we're still going strong with the new-do faze of our lives. here's a little update to help you picture what i am called upon to 'do' (ha!) each morning. and pictures of the book that started it all.


I am: a reading-swimming-hiking-trip loving-yoga doing mom
I know: The Church is true
I want: too many things--a piano and another vacation top the list (along with another purse, which is always a need)
I have: a fabulous husband and great kids
I dislike: being sick, a messy house, cranky kids
I miss: my sisters, my mom (ok, my dad and brothers, too), and all my california friends.  i'm getting ready to miss my virginia friends
I feel: good about life
I hear:the dishwasher and loren reading to the kids
I smell: the chocolate cookies i just ate (2nd one today--thanks for the recipe, liza)
I crave: something sweet almost always
I cry: not so much, but sometimes
I search: for the perfect purse and comfy high heels
I wonder: when we'll move to florida
I regret: not spending enough time with my kids
I love: lobee, gwynnie, liesel, madeline, gretchy, pace boy
I care: too much about what other people think
I worry: that I'm not teaching my kids all they need to know
I remember: how lonely it was when loren was gone; having fun on family vacations
I believe: in a loving Savior who died for me
I dance: secretly in the kitchen while i'm cooking when nobody's around
I argue: with myself and loren sometimes
I write: to-do lists
I win:hardly ever.  i stink at games
I lose: my mind at about 6:00 every night
I wish:i was never impatient
I listen: to whatever the kids turn on on itunes when they get home from school
I can usually be found: at home or at costco
I am scared: of spiders. and mice.  and the dark.  and men hiding in the back of my car (which hasn't ever happened, but might at any moment).  and snakes.  and sharks and alligators now that i'm moving to florida.
I need: to enjoy the moments of motherhood
I forget: people's names and visiting teaching appointments i've made
I am happy: being a mom
I tag: the rest of my sisters who "didn't have time" for bekah's tag, either.  come on girls, you can do it.  and any friends who feel so inclined to be tagged!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

liesel and gwyneth are entering the blogging world

liesel and gwyneth really wanted to start their own blog.  since i'm not quite ready for that, we have reached a compromise, and they will be allowed to add their own feelings about life in their little section on the sidebar.  we'll see how it goes.  if they start saying mean things about their mom we'll have to change the rule.  when should kids be allowed to blog, anyway?  i had to wait until i was 32....... 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Click to play red rocks hike
a couple of weeks ago we went on a hike to an overlook of the potomac. this is the same trail that loren goes on when he runs. it's funny to be in virginia and look across the river into maryland. i always forget how close we live to the state border. anyway, we had a lot of fun getting a family work-out in.

fancy pj's

the fancy pj's
madeline and gretchen came downstairs in very fancy pajama outfits the other night.  i don't know what inspired such creativeness, but it was pretty cute.  and, you'll notice that i actually took pictures!  see, i'm getting better.

liesel's new hair

in an attempt to make me a better mom, liesel presented me with a book on how to do hair.  it has pictures of creative hairstyles in it to give uncreative moms like me a little inspiration.  so far, i have been very cooperative, and liesel's been able to go to school with a new hair-do pretty much every day for the last couple of weeks.  luckily, the other kids have not jumped on the hair-do wagon.  although gretchy did bring me the book yesterday and had me do one of the styles on her........what have i gotten myself into?

pace baby

Click to play pace baby
some of you have complained that you never see pictures of pace. so, here he is. he's just my little guy.

halloween festivities

Click to play halloween festivities
we had a great halloween this year. we went to a ward party and got enough candy to last us for a year, so the kids opted to go to high school musical 3 on halloween night. i smuggled in lots of homemade treats for us, and we had a grand time. pace baby was even good. i'm hoping he forgets that he learned how to say "more cookie". hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, and if it involves millions of cookies, so be it.