Monday, December 14, 2009

i should be packing

but i'm not. i'm feeling a bit like gretchen's melted snowman magnet.

this is what my house looks like.
and this.
what a crazy month this has been!
what an even crazier week!
so far, i have:
gone on one sisters' weekend trip. had lots of fun (post to come at some future, more relaxed time). came home on wednesday. spent thursday packing. packed friday until a friend's baby got dropped off at my house for the weekend. spent the rest of friday morning alternating between holding a baby, feeding a baby, changing a baby, and packing. picked up the baby's older 2 siblings friday afternoon. spent saturday morning packing and loading a truck up with boxes. and holding a baby. spent saturday afternoon unloading the truck at the new house. spent saturday night making a salad and enchiladas and going to the ward christmas party with 8 children. spent sunday thankfully NOT packing, with 8 children. spent monday morning getting the baby and other children ready to go back to their house. that mission accomplished, i resumed packing. when i'd used up all the boxes at the old house, i went to the new house to unload boxes over there to bring back for more packing.

oh, i forgot to mention that this morning pace got out of the bath and went to the bathroom in my closet. number 1 AND 2. not to be graphic. i still love him, though.

pros of this week:
the new house has stairs and i'm burning lots of calories. all 8 children were delightfully well behaved, although i think the 2 older "borrowed" children might turn me in for abusing the child labor laws. loren had the house cleaned when i came home from my trip. a renewed appreciation for my calling as primary chorister--it's hard work, but it's not as hard as packing, and it's way more fun. thank goodness for sundays!

things i have to look forward to next week:
kids being out of school (good and bad?). christmas. which means ALL of my christmas shopping, too. dang. gretchen's birthday. she insists on having a party. at the new house. 2 days after we move in. it's going to be great.

new year's resolution (i'm starting early): no stressing out.

if you are still reading, thanks for letting me vent/ramble. i needed an excuse to sit down for 30 minutes. i turned the computer screen so i can't see any cardboard boxes, and it's been delightful.