Saturday, March 5, 2011


liesel and gwyneth turned 12 today! we just got back from getting their ears pierced. fun stuff. here are some of their thoughts about being 12:

"being 12 hasn't had as much of an impact on me as i thought it would" (liesel)
"kids grow up so much faster than adults" (liesel)
"being a kid goes by so fast! being a teenager goes by even faster" (gwyneth)
"we promised ourselves we wouldn't be brats when we turn 13. why would be brats now?" (both)

time to get sappy now. i love my girls! this year has been way too hard, but i'm so glad i've been able to be home with them. we have had a good time doing projects and learning to sew together. we just redid their room (all diy projects) and it was SO fun!
i'm glad i have twins. watching them together is one of the best things in my life. i couldn't ask for better children!

and the reason there are no pictures in this post is because loading the pictures on is what always keeps me from posting! pictures next time. (soon?) and pictures of liesel and gwyneth's new room and other projects we've been doing.