Thursday, November 18, 2010

just some randomness

first of all, here are two funny signs that i'm letting things slide a bit around here:

#1 gretchen (6 years old, remember) put pace in bed last night. totally by herself. no input from me. i didn't even know she was doing it. she had him go to the bathroom, she put him in his pajamas, read him a book, and hefted him into his crib (yes, i know he's 3, but why wreck a good thing by putting him in a real bed?).

#2 gwyneth and i were looking at her faith in god book to see which things she could check off. one of the requirements was "planning and preparing a meal". she laughed and said "hello, only like a million times!".

thank heavens for good children!!!!!!!!!!

luckily, she still finds time to sneak in a good book while hula-hooping

in other news: this is how pace spends a good portion of his time these days. eating cookies and waiting for wells to wake up so he can give him his pacifier.

wells got blessed. better pictures to come when i have time to get him redressed in his blessing outfit.

and we did do halloween.