Wednesday, April 21, 2010

what da heck?

pace and i are playing a great game. i'm in the office on the computer. looking at blogs, emails, etc. pace is in the family room playing hide and seek with himself, and me. this is how we play. he hides under a cushion on the couch and calls out "where is me?". then i make a wild guess (while still sitting at the computer) as to where he might be (the pool, on the fridge, at school, to name a few). then pace says "i right here!!!" (surprise). then i say "what da heck?". if i take too long to say my part he prompts me with my lines. we've been playing for about 15 minutes. it's the best game ever. we're both happy. i think we'll play it every day.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a bunch of stuff

so i've collected enough different random pictures that i finally feel like it's worth sitting down and documenting things. i think i need to go back to posting every couple of days. it's way less strenuous.

this is how i found liesel and pace watching a movie the other day. i'm not sure what prompted liesel to situate herself like this. at least pace looks comfy, even though he's technically not allowed to take the cushions off the couch..........

our pool is finally warm enough to swim in. well, not for me, but the kids and loren have braved it several times. i am fully waiting until it feels like bath water before i get in. we have a ways to go.
we went to tampa last weekend for liesel's dr's appointments. we decided to make a family vacation out of it, and spent the weekend doing fun things. we went to the tampa zoo, which was great. it had all these little roller coasters and rides that you could go on. we got the unlimited ride passes and the kids had a blast. it wasn't crowded at all, so they would get off a roller coaster and get right back on it. we did manage to see a few animals, too. the kids also loved playing in the water. in fact, the zoo was such a big hit that we spent all day saturday there, and then while liesel and i were at the dr's on monday, loren took the other kids back for some more fun.
on sunday, in an effort to remember that it was the sabbath (always tricky when you're stuck in a hotel), we went to honeymoon island and did some easy nature paths and stuck our feet in the gulf of mexico. a first for all of us! pace experienced some technical difficulties on the little walk--he is not a fan of sand in his shoes, and he was wearing these half-sandals-half-tennis-shoe shoes without socks. i finally made liesel give him her socks, but that still didn't work. we eventually let him go barefoot, which solved all the problems. apparently, running on rocks/sand/pine needles is better than a little sand in the shoes. we saw some great (and slimy) sea creatures.
okay, so not the most exciting post ever, but it's late, i'm tired, and i'm pregnant (almost 14 weeks). that should count for something, right?