Friday, October 28, 2011

can i do this in 15 minutes?

so, i have 15 minutes before i have to race out the door to get pace at preschool. we'll see how far i get. mostly it will just be a list of everything i hope to post in-depth about at a future (soonish?) time.

1. we are now in seattle (well, really, issaquah)
2. it's raining
3. we stayed for 3 weeks in a hotel (3 different hotels, actually) before we moved in
4. it is hard to keep 6 children quiet in a hotel room for 3 weeks
5. some of the children may or may not have gotten locked out of or into adjoining hotel rooms in the middle of the night
6. we got a trampoline
7. pace promptly broke his leg jumping on the trampoline
8. we are on week 10 of having either a cast (named "blue leg") or a brace (named "iron man leg") on pace
9. wells started therapy for developmental delays and also for food-eating issues
10. wells turned one year old (we are lying to everyone and saying he's still 8 months, though)
11. we love our new ward
12. we miss our pool. we are trying to be good sports, but i'm afraid we got a bit spoiled.
13. we still like issaquah, even though it is pool-less and sun-less
14. the kids mostly like it because i finally bought them some boots they've been wanting for 2 years now
15. 7 minutes left--i will try to post some pictures
16. one more thing--i really like organizing a new house. i hate moving, but i think i'd really get jittery if i didn't get to start from scratch every 2 years. i have tried a new approach in this house--i label everything--everything has a spot and that spot is labeled and so THERE SHOULD BE NO CONFUSION AS TO WHERE THINGS SHOULD GO! right, children? liesel and gwyneth say i'm going through a post-nesting phase. whatever it's called, i'm having fun!

iron man leg
"blue leg and good leg are friends"--pace specifically requested this picture of them together
some moves with blue leg