Thursday, August 29, 2013

seven peaks

 we got season passes to seven peaks for super cheap and used them while we were in utah before the move.  all the kids were super brave.  i think (?) madeline and gretchen went on every single ride.  i went on one......with wells on my lap.  next time, i won't have a toddler and i can go on all the rides!  (i hope i will be as brave as my children are!).

loren took these pictures of madeline and gretchen going down a ride--i think it's called the "boomerang".  loren went on it a few years back, and vowed never to go on it again (and he has stuck to his word!).  i just LOVE the girls' faces as they progress through this ride.  good job, girls!

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Joanne said...

What a fun thing to do while you were in Utah! Your girls were very brave. I think there are a few slides at 7-Peaks that I was never brave enough to do. I made the pictures big so I could see them better, and I'm glad I did, because they were making the best faces.