Thursday, August 29, 2013

fancy suit

the documentation of my life would not be complete if i didn't write about the fancy suit.  it was the result of desperation on my part about several things:  wells not walking until he was 26 months; wells falling down constantly for the next six months after he learned to walk; living in WET, RAINY, COLD washington state; wells desperately wanting to get out of his stroller and explore; me walking pace to and from kindergarten and stopping at a park (nearly) every afternoon on the way home---wet, rainy, cold state of washington and all................

SO, i did some research on how i could solve the problem of a wet, dirty, cold baby every day.  enter the fancy suit.  he wore this thing every day from the day i got it until the day we moved.  it was like his hazmat suit.  i loved it.  he loved it.  an extra bonus was that i could spot him at the park when he would try to escape from me----i just looked for the little yellow hazmat suit bobbing along.  

i am so sad that i didn't take a picture of him wearing it in real life.  ( i was not in picture-taking mode in washington.  i have to be in the sun to be in that mode, i've discovered.)  so, when i was in utah, and was packing away the fancy suit (that's what wells and i called it), my mom said i should for sure take a picture of him in it.  it looks kind of akward out in the sun and all, but use your imagination and picture it in the rain and the mud.  (i reinforced the knees with tape.  it was very classy.)  maybe the best 30 bucks i've ever spent.

(jen, this makes me actually miss our wet, rainy, cold days at the park:)  


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Laura! Is your blog in shock that it is having things posted on it? I am so happy to see your pictures. And the fancy suit is about the best thing ever. What a fabulous idea that was! I think you could write a children's book about it, and call it "A Fancy Suit for Wells." There could be a whole series of Wells books.