Thursday, May 31, 2012

my little super hero

i guess the pictures are insisting on coming before the post, even though that's not what i said i wanted. also, it took me five tries to type 'insisting'.  i should have just picked a new word.  anyway, this post is about my pace boy.  

 this is pace dressed up as joseph for our family christmas nativity.  most of the pictures of joseph/pace show him doing ninja moves.  in fact, mary (gretchen) and baby jesus (wells) had to stay far away from joseph during most of the nativity.
 pace loved the snow days.  he loved them so much that i tried hard to (tolerate) love them,  too.  this picture is of him during a snow ball fight with loren.

 pace loves to wink, which i happen to think is super cute and funny.
 one of the other moms at preschool took this picture of pace winking as he handed out cookies to everyone.
 pace and gretchen make their own superhero gear quite often.

 pace is 5!!!! holy cow, where did the years go?  and, it was actually sunny (sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) on his birthday, so he got to play with his new iron man and captain america guys outside.

other things about him:

so, pace is totally convinced that he's a super hero.  (he's also fully believes that wells has super powers, also--if something strange happens in our house, he says that wells used his super powers to make it happen.  i could ask why he isn't using his powers to make himself walk.....) but anyway, back to pace's super hero-ness.  he's not just one super hero, either--he can harness whichever power he might need at the moment:  if he's putting away the silverware, he's wolverine, with knives between each finger; when he wants to ride his bike outside alone, and i say "no", he says "but mom, i will just use my ninja powers and knock the bad guys down"; the other day we were outside working in the yard and the handle of a shovel slid down the wall and tapped him lightly on his chest, and he looked up in amazement and said "whoa, my chest totally blocked that hit".  i LOVE how he is so impressed with the things he does that he is convinced he has super powers.

it's just so much fun having this boy around.  so totally different from my girls, and i love it all!



Diane said...

These posts on the kids are a great way to catch up.

Rebekah said...

what a funny boy. LOVE the joseph ninja pose.

Ellie said...

I love the winking pictures. We need to get him and Emily together. She's a winker, too, and they would be so cute winking at each other! I love his super powers, too. So cute!

Joanne said...

I love all the Pace stories! It's so funny to me to see all that boy-ness coming from your house. Love,love the winking! That winking while handing out cookies picture is so awesome. I also love that he loves superheroes. He and Henry really need to get together. Also, I need to find out where you got his ironman and captain america guys, because that will be all Henry will need for his birthday next month. I love that he thinks he and wells have so many powers, and I think it's so funny that he does wolverine hands too with his silverware! I thought Henry made that up, but I guess really it just comes in their brain if they're a boy?