Thursday, June 14, 2012


 8 ('cause she's 8) facts about gretchen:

1.  she loves to be fancy.  she would for sure ditch me and go live with fancy nancy's family if that was an option.  she is always looking for ways to add some fanciness to her life.  she even added ribbon bows along the sides of her bunkbed to fancy things up a bit.

2.  she is a great friend to pace.  he pretty much waits all day for her to get home from school and then attacks her with his enthusiasm the second she walks in the door.  she is usually a good sport about it.

3.  she is a super good helper with wells.  i am so lucky!

4.  she LOVES reading and is really, really fast and good at it.  she has read all the harry potter books, the percy jackson books, fable haven, etc........

5.  she likes to play with her american girl dolls and gets them all fancy (of course) and set up.  she makes "beds" and "rooms" for them out of cardboard boxes.

6.  she bears her testimony at church almost every month.  she is way braver than i am!

7.  she likes to wear her hair in pigtails.

8.  she made (all by herself and with no prompting from me) a poster about being vegan and took it to school to show her class.  this was not an assignment.  she is very enthusiastic about sharing what she thinks with other people!

love you, gretchy!


Joanne said...

Oh, man - this made me laugh so hard! She is growing up, for sure. I can't believe what a grown-up reader she is, too! Rachel just started her second Harry Potter book - I'll have to tell her to get going. I love that she loves to be so fancy, and the fact that she made her own vegan poster (unassigned, even) to take to school is about the coolest thing ever.

Ellie said...

Sounds like she is still spunky! She would love a few of our scooters and one of my jogging strollers that are all fancied up with ribbons. Wish we could get her and Sarah together again -- they would have SO much fun!

Kelly said...

Oh Laura, she has grown so much! I remember her as a sweet and beautiful three year old and now she is a beautiful and incredible sounding 8 year old! Wow, how time flies! I'm glad you posted about her love of reading - Anna's read the Harry Potter books too and just read the Narnia books and I've been looking for a new series for her. I'll look into the Percy Jackson books. I'm always looking for great books for her to read.